Discover the sky at home
                                      Would you like to bring the stars home?  
                                    This is your opportunity to make it happen.  

Bringing a close-up view of the night sky home to you does not require much. If you have a garden allowing a clear view of the sky without too much urban light around, I can bring along the equipment needed to provide you with a night’s observatory at home: a great occasion for your family, children, and friends to learn about the sky in a tailor-made fashion, without the constraints of a visit to a traditional observatory. The equipment I use includes a powerful, digitalised telescope that allows us to point easily and quickly to all kinds of celestial bodies.

Perhaps you are interested in practising astronomy yourself. Perhaps you wish to purchase a telescope or learn to make better use of the one you have. Getting off to a good start is important to avoid being discouraged. I can advise and guide you through all aspects of practising astronomy, including installing and tuning your telescope, finding your bearings in the sky, and introducing you to celestial photography.

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Click “Gallery” for a selection of pictures I took over the years of a variety of celestial objects, the kinds I would be happy to help you discover or teach you to photograph yourself.
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Discover the sky
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